Turing Network is a Lightning-Fast Decentralized platform for the New Web
Turing Network (TRNG) is a forward-thinking, cross-chain and EVM-compatible platform enabling instantaneous transactions while emphasizing strong security, censorship-resistance, true decentralization and broad compatibility.
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Turing Network aims to maintain a sub-second block time and accommodate thousands of transactions per second, with negligible fees. Frequent network congestion has come to characterize many existing L2 solutions, and so ensuring an ultra high throughput has remained a continuous focus in Turing Network’s development.
Cross-Chain Compatible
Turing Network includes a full implementation of the Ethereum VM and EWASM, so that existing and emergent Ethereum-based DApps can be trivially ported to the network.
Sovereignty and censorship resistance are philosophical cornerstones for Turing Network, and are a principal focus in the specification and implementation of the protocol.
Flexible and Future-Proof
As the “internet of blockchains” grows, Turing Network aims to expand its compatibility, both at the level of cross-chain integrations and expanding VM implementations. EVM, EWASM and cross-chain compatibility with the Ethereum network, BNB Chain and Solana are a solid foundation for this, but the project seeks to expand generationally with more integrations and novel innovations.
Q4 2022
"Rome" testnet launch
Q1 2023
Stake Wars: validator onboarding. Anyone may validate on Turing Network.
Q2 2023
"Verona" public mainnet launch
Q2 2023
Launch of public mainnet staking
Q3 2023
Select partnerships launch
Q3 2023
Turing Launchpad incubator program, with incentives for independent projects building on top of Turing Network.
Q3 2023
Turing DEX: organization-sponsored fully-decentralized exchange launch
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